February 5, 2011

totally irrational

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marrakech, morocco: 4eme fevrier
marrakech, morocco: 4eme fevrier
earrings - Boston street vendor / purple paisley scarf (below) - vintage, thrifted / perfect army jacket - Zara / red print button-down - vintage, thrifted / overdyed skinnies - Zara / flats - Zara

I have spoken before of my love for army jackets, and believe me, this love cannot be overstated. Some people can never have enough stripes in their wardrobe, others collect gray sweaters* - I get sucked in by heavy canvas, cinched waists, and epaulets. So it was that, despite the three (three!) army jackets I currently have at home, I recently made the clearly irrational decision to acquire this jacket at Zara.

But it is so much better than my other jackets! The color is greener! The length is more flattering! The sleeves can be rolled all the way down! And it kind of gives me the illusion of an actual butt!

Ahem. As I was saying - totally irrational, but also pretty happiness-inducing. Sometimes you just can't deny true love, and I intend to wear the hell out of this jacket - and to donate/gift/sell two of the jackets I already have, so clearly this was more a productive exercise in closet culling than a case of impulse shopping. Clearly.

It was again really too warm for a scarf, but I couldn't help adding my vintage paisley scarf for a few of my photos. My henna tattoos are fading, and I'd been wanting to photo them with a few of my favorite prints before they disappeared completely. We're staying in a textile designer's apartment, so we are completely surrounded by an amazing variety of great colors and textures. It is really inspiring me to be even bolder with print-mixing, and bringing back alternative career fantasies with a vengeance.

multicultural pattern-mixing
marrakech, morocco: 4eme fevrier
*Ok, yes, I admittedly have both of these sartorial addictions as well...


Sophie said...

love the shirt/blouse. This army jacket is fab!

patty said...

i don't blame you for the addiction at all. you are rocking the look. i love how you mixed patterns with the shirt and scarf! definitely softens the army jacket. love it!

BetweenLaundryDays said...

Yes, I'm fairly obsessed with military jackets as well. I have only one, a few sizes too big, but I adore its casual attitude.

This color combination is particularly comforting to me for some reason. The warm reds with the cool olive is so lovely.

S. of Narrowly Tailored said...

you look awesome.

...and i'm stealing your other jacket when you get home.

...we'll pretend that the part where you're shorter than me is not a problem for purposes of this thought experiment.

but seriously -- I love the way you've blended the flowy, adorable blouse with the army jacket. It looks amazing on you -- and is encouraging me to get over my fear of flowy things (which goes something along the lines of "but...but...my...waist!!!" and is mostly silly).

emily said...

Thanks! I can't wait to try belting it over some dresses, that was my favorite go-to formula last spring.

emily said...

I think I've been enjoying the Man Repeller so much lately, I've gotten totally convinced that when it comes to colors and patterns more is always more.

emily said...

I have to admit, I got kind of dorkily excited when I realized how close my color combination was coming to a true color triad :)

emily said...

Ha! Well, conveniently, one of the 'flaws' of my other jacket (that allowed me to justify this purchase) is that it is just a wee bit on the long side for me - so I think maybe it has just found a new home. :)

And your fear of flowy things is totally silly, but also one I definitely share to some extent.

Emily said...

I love the scarf/shirt combination. Mixing colors always seems a bit overly-adventurous to me while I'm putting outfits together, but once I'm wearing multiple patterns, I think it usually turns out really well.
I also LOVE those earrings. They are perfect with the scarf.

emily said...

I used to be a lot more hesitant about wearing lots of different colors together, but I started keeping an inspiration folder of images and outfits that I really liked. Eventually, I realized that nine times out of ten, an unexpected color combination was what drew me to the photo in the first place. Now I find myself getting enamored of a few specific color combinations at a time, and trying to recreate those with the clothes in my closet.

Jessica Bruner said...

Those earrings are super cute. And I wouldn't blame you if you wore that jacket everyday, it is awesome.

patty said...

thanks for the link! :) more is always more. haha that's awesome!

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