February 1, 2011


I had big hopes of getting my 30for30 picks up last night, but my efforts were beset with difficulties - not the least of which was our internet access suddenly drying up. We've since moved on to a new (incredible! Maybe the best yet!) apartment, but after an eight hour train ride, I am absolutely wiped. I'll just have to cut myself a little slack, and plan to get seriously cracking on the remix challenge tomorrow. In the meantime, here's a little glimpse of what we've been up to:

The largest working tannery in Fes - the hides are tanned using pigeon guano and cow urine, among other things, so the tanneries are usually pretty ripe. Most visitors are given a sprig of fresh mint on their way in to combat the smell. The yellow hides drying on the rooftops in this photo are the most expensive color - they're dyed with saffron, and the entire process has to be done by hand.

A rare photo of me walking away from a shoe store! I haven't done any serious bargaining yet, but I'm not done with the souqs yet....
Yesterday's fantastic lunch - camel burger and Cokes! Super deelish - a bit like bison.

The super-shy au pair of the family we stayed with asked me the other night if I would like some henna tattoos, and within minutes my hands were a work of art. She and our hostess were giggling the whole time - since elaborate henna is usually reserved for weddings, they said that now I would just have to get married! They even gave me a henna wedding band on my left hand, and a love note to Chris on my right palm. This photo is before taking off the henna paste that night - I'll be sharing the finished product soon.


Katy_Rose1 said...

I'd say you are more than welcome to a 'slack' day since it doesn't sound like you were slacking at all. Can't wait to see what you picked for the challenge. - Katy

Archives said...

that henna is GORGEOUS! lucky lady! the tannery looks very awesome/gross at the same time, hehe! i'd be needing that sprig of mint :)

Cecilia Oviedo said...

Henna tattoos are awesome! Loved the design you got! Looks great! :P


Alecto said...

oh my goodness what a beautiful henna job.

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