February 27, 2011


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calton hill, edinburgh
calton hill, edinburgh
calton hill, edinburgh
necklace - H&M / cardigan - Cynthia Rowley via Marshall's / overdyed skinnies - Zara / shoes - Toms

Yesterday I finally felt well enough to leave the apartment,* so we took a little walk up Calton Hill to see the view and enjoy the sunshine. You can see the Scottish Royal Palace behind me in these photos, and behind that, Arthur's Seat, the much bigger volcanic hill we wound up climbing today. What you cannot see in these photos is how crazy-bad my eyes were watering from the wind, or how many used condoms were on the ground freakin' everywhere. (I love you Scotland, but please, keep it indoors!) Yes, the lengths to which I will go for the outfit shots knows no bounds.

I'll admit to having some qualms about posting this outfit on the blog at all, as it's remarkably similar to this one (albeit comparatively under-accessorized). I used to be a serious outfit-repeater. I would come up with a combination that I liked, and I'd go back to it frequently, often wearing the exact same thing multiple times in a month. A big part of why I started blogging my outfits was to force myself to be a little more creative with my closet, to try and mix things up a little and see if I couldn't come up with some more interesting results. I feel like I've more or less been making good progress on that front, but a major side-effect has been a total phobia of repetition. I never meant to make a rule for myself that I couldn't wear an outfit more than once, only that I'd like to not do it all the time, and yet since I've been blogging my outfits, I have avoided it assiduously.

What do you guys think - is it a cardinal blogger crime to wear the same thing twice?

*Or, more likely, got sick enough of being sick to throw caution to the wind.


marvi said...

i personally like seeing bloggers wear the same outfit every so often, makes you all seem more like the average woman....

Felicity said...

I've developed the same fear! I used to repeat outfits pretty frequently in the pre-blog days and now I rarely do. I'm not actually sure that I like this change. I like that I'm more creative with my outfits but if find a combination that I love, I need to give myself permission to wear it more than once. I'm glad to see someone else bring this up. I've never been the kind of person who only wears things once and I hope that isn't how I present myself on my blog.

Carie M said...

I started blogging for the same reason. I had outfits that I wore all the time until I learned how to remix. I make an outfit now that I love and try to remember to go back to it, but feel that I need to keep it different. At the same time, I think its completely OK to wear the same outfit more than once. Love following your blog and travels.


Archives said...

i dont think its a blogging crime, in fact - i find it relatable. i wear the same thing more than once in real life, i would only expect other gals to as well!

that view is amazing. i cant believe you braved a field of used condoms for your photos, heehee!

Archives said...

ps - glad youre feeling a bit better! :)

Carie M said...

I also just wanted to add that you have really inspired me here at the end of the challenge, totally used your yesterday look today. I loved it on you! You have awesome style!

BetweenLaundryDays said...

I tend to not wear identical outfits since I started blogging, but I do wear ones that have a lot of the same components to them. I at least try to spice up similar outfits with new accessories.

Anyway, I love this outfit, and these pictures. The drapey cardigan is fantastic!

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