February 18, 2011


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laban dance center, london
laban dance center, london
laban dance center, london
laban dance center, london
scarf - vintage, thrifted / necklace - Anthropologie / wood & brass bangle - vintage, thrifted / cardigan - Primark / white v-neck (underneath) - Forever 21 / belt - vintage, thrifted / overdyed skinnies - Zara / socks - H&M / brogues - Primark / coat (below) - UO / architecture - Herzog & de Meuron

Yesterday boyfriend stayed in bed with a cold, so I took the opportunity to make a much more fruitful return visit to Primark. After battling the (still sizeable) crowds, gently refusing the well-intentioned advances of one store detective, and being reprimanded for trying things on in the middle of the lingerie department (What? The dressing room line was insane! (And no, I was not trying on lingerie.), I emerged victorious with a much-needed cardigan (item #30) and these adorable classic brogues (item #3...1??). This does seemingly step over the intended bounds of my 30 items, but given that seven of my original picks are still trapped in customs (and my pessimism regarding their ever getting out), I decided it was ok to do a little spur-of-the-moment trade-in. I'll figure out which of my original picks to swap out when (and hopefully not if) I finally get my package from home.

I didn't put a lot of planning into getting dressed today - I wanted to wear my new brogues, but everything else was pretty much dictated by the weather. England is cold, y'all! While all you lovely stateside ladies are frolicking about with bare legs, it's a windy mid-forties here, with drizzly rain predicted for tomorrow. I guess this is my weather karma coming back to bite me after being spoiled in Morocco.

laban dance center, london
Rapidly diminishing Emilys!


Mj said...

Oh the simple classic perfection! I love thjis black/navy/brown/white combination more than I can say without sounding like a nutjob. I'm so glad you had such a fabulous day of shopping and my fingers are crossed that your packages make it through customs. What a pain.

Sophie said...

love your vintage scarf :)

Anja said...

Very pretty. Got a similar cardigan from Primark, with stripes though! They are so comfy. Could you take some nice shots of the Brogues!?

Kara @ Unusual Form said...

You always look chic in your traveling attire, especially compared to a lot of other Americans traveling in Europe (large white tennis shoes, fanny packs). I must say, though, that people look infinitely more cool when standing in front of the architectural wonders of the world.

Katou said...

This look is so comfy and classy love it i have an outfit similar to yours wich i call rainy day attire :)

emily said...

Thanks Mj! Don't worry, if loving this color combination makes you a nutjob, then consider me one too. :)

emily said...

Thanks Sophie - yet another product of the magical Salvation Army in Worcester, MA.

emily said...

Ooh, I didn't see any striped ones while I was there, that must be super-cute! I too was a little bummed the brogues didn't show up more in these photos, they got kind of eaten by the grass - but I'll definitely be wearing them again this week, so I'm sure they'll make another appearance soon.

emily said...

Thanks Kara - a little H+deM in the background of one's outfit shots never hurt anybody, no matter how many fancy-pants dance students gave me funny looks. :)

emily said...

I can definitely see how this would make a great rainy-day outfit - comfy and a little practical without being too boring. I always think of this kind of outfit as a grad school outfit. Every time I would get stressed out near school deadlines, I wouldn't even have to think about what to wear - I'd just reach for skinnies and a belted cardigan every single day!

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