February 12, 2011


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v&a museum, london
v&a museum, london
necklace - vintage, Brooklyn flea market / leather wrap watch - La Mer / buffalo Larch bag - custom, valhallabrooklyn via etsy / breton striped cardigan - H&M / black scoop-neck - UO / belt - vintage, thrifted / pink skirt - H&M / tights - H&M / socks - Target / boots - Steve Madden

Greetings from London - my apologies for these gross indoor photos, and for yet another super-quickie post! I haven't really figured out a good blogging time since we got here - we're out the door as fast as we can be in the morning, and then just totally exhausted by the time we get home. We've been busily wearing out our feet in museums over the last two days, but I've been itching to do some shopping. We actually stopped in to the Oxford Street Primark today, but it was such a complete madhouse that I ran in fear after a mere five minutes! Mind you, in that time I was body-checked by at least six people, cursed out in several Eastern European languages (generally by the very same body-checkers), and tripped over a handful of enormous shopping bags being dragged about by teenagers because they'd got them too full to carry. So not exactly the right scene for someone who hates crowds, eh? But I'm going to try again, on a weekday, in the morning, and see if I can score some great finds.

We took these quick pictures at the V&A Museum yesterday, as it was drizzly and gross outside. This was one of those outfits that feels a lot better than it ends up photographing, but oh well. I'm still anxiously awaiting a package of my stuff from the states - it's been in UK customs for four days now, so hopefully they should let it go soon. Otherwise my '30 for 30' is going to be more of a '20 for... forever?'


Jodie said...

Hi! I'm working in a Primark store in the North until i go travelling next month. I've never been to Oxford St but hear its a crazy mess! I'd say go early and look out for the sale rails! My store has just reduced things like tights and necklaces to £1. Enjoy London :)

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

i actually think the outfit looks terrific--so it did photograph nicely (but i know what you mean about the difference between outfit-in-person and outfit-in-photograph...i bet this just looked six times as amazing in real life).
it's amazing that you're in london; i love reading about your envy-inspiring travels!

Jenn said...

I love your outfit, especially the cardigan!

Complex Cardigans

emily said...

Hi Jodie - thanks for the advice! I'll definitely go early next time - Saturday afternoon was just waaaaay too chaotic for me. :)

emily said...

Thanks Tania. It is funny how sometimes there's just this total cognitive dissonance between your idea of your appearance and the way you look on camera. I am honestly still getting accustomed to seeing photos of myself regularly - they always look weird to me, because I'm so used to seeing my reverse image in the mirror!

Anja said...

Totally understandable that you need to do the sightseeing first :) Who wouldn't?

I really like that skirt! Finally after a lot of pants, you look amazing in it! And I am a fan of the cardigan

Archives said...

oh man that sounds like ikea on a weekend - a nightmare!!!! i think youre right to go on a weekday morning. good luck! ive heard primark clothes are so cute!

and, also - very jealous of your london museum visits! i work at a museum and am a history nerd, so im a bit of a museum junkie when traveling! enjoy :)

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