February 14, 2011


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london zoo
london zoo
earrings - Anthropologie / leather wrap watch - La Mer / cashmere cardigan - Cynthia Rowley via Target / pink tank - Anthropologie / belt - vintage, thrifted / pink skirt - H&M / tights - Old Navy / socks - Target / boots - Steve Madden

Happy Valentine's day, y'all! I am definitely a pretty big cheeseball at times, so I couldn't help wearing something a little festive today. I decided on the tank and skirt combo first, then decided to echo the tone-on-tone effect of the pinks with my gray tights and socks. The cardigan was necessary for warmth, but I do like the way the oatmeal color keeps all the pink from being overwhelming.

While my relationship is not always characterized by stereotypically romantic gestures (although there have been flowers on occasion), we do love an excuse for delicious food and wine, so we usually celebrate by cooking together at home. That was unfortunately out of the question this year, so I'd sort of thought that, since we joke that we're already on "the date that never ends," we'd just sort of let the holiday pass unheralded. Fortunately for me, Chris is way too much fun for that, and surprised me with the perfect plan - a trip to the zoo!

This little guy convinced me that a pet alpaca is definitely in my future - just look at that mop top!

I absolutely LOVE going to the zoo, and we had such a great time! The weather was sunny and not too cold, so many of the animals were much more active than they'd be at hotter times of year. We even got to see a roaring, clawing spat (lover's quarrel?) between the dominant lion and lioness!

Afterward, we took a rambling walk through Camden Market, popping in and out of great little vintage stores (definitely going back later this week!) and speculating about whether a Moroccan restaurant in North London run by Koreans is likely to have good pastilla (I'd say it's possible, but highly unlikely). We wound our way back to our little neighborhood in East Finchley, popped into a promising looking gastropub and managed to snag an early table with no reservation whatsoever.

And then I ate the most transcendently delicious meal of all time.

Roast duck breast over creamed cabbage, pommes anna with layers of duck confit, roast carrots, and a simple port sauce. And warm apple and blackberry crumble with cinnamon ice cream for dessert. Oh. My. God. This meal was so beautiful. I didn't know cabbage could be so.... sublime. The only time I could bear to pause from eating this magnificent food was to rave about how good it was. Oh, and boyfriend had some fish that he said was pretty tasty too.


anon said...

First off, that meal sounds delicious. I am a very big cabbage fan myself.

And you look so lovely here. These peachy hues look so marvelous against your skin. Dare I say... sublime.

I hope you enjoyed the Zoo, as it certainly sounds like you did.

Happy Valentines,

Haiku Ambulance

Jennifer M. said...

Pretty color combo on you!

Anja said...

Very pretty nude/pastel selection! Really love that skirt!

Basiccravings said...

This is an adorable outfit. I am loving the color combo!

academichic said...

Great date idea, I also love going to the zoo. And that little lama is just too cute! I'm also now convinced that I need a drapey open front carigan like yours.

Enjoyed your post, as always, and loved the narrative taking us through a day in London with you!


sartoriography said...

I adore this outfit. The colors are so similar but just distinct enough from one another to really give things a kick. And that llama...I'd take him as my valentine, for sure! :)

Mj said...

Don't know how I got here, but OOH I love it! I am a major alpaca lover (I have a tiny handmade alpaca pin that I wear all the time and everyone makes fun of me...) and I'm so excited to follow your travels and fashion!

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